Light gauge steel framing

Light gauge steel framing is a modern framing technology of construction that is actively developing in Ukraine. It hasn’t just changed traditional ideas of building construction – this technology replaced brick, wooden and concrete main structures. 

Light gauge steel framing buildings consist of a galvanized steel frame, which acts like a structural element.  The thickness of a profile lies generally between 0, 88 and 2 mm. This is the main difference between light gauge steel framing and ferrous metal I-beam technology. That is why this new technology is called «ultra-light steel structures».

Field of light gauge steel framing application:

Light gauge steel framing

Design of light gauge steel framing

Profile-bending machinery used by TSB company is adapted for operation through Vertex BD – modern software for light gauge steel frame buildings design. This software allows to develop projects for domestic, civil and industrial structures with any degree of detail and it also allows to receive a building’s price within 24 hours.