Pre-engineered buildings

Thermasteel Buildings designs steel structures (structural steel and detailed design) and produces pre-fabricated (fasterection) buildings. The technology of metal steel structures production is based on the use of welded I-beams, profiled sheeting, sandwich panels as the enclosing structures, which provides for high operation, thermal insulation and cost saving properties of the finished object.

Metal building systems
  • TSB buildings unlike brick and concrete buildings do not require massive foundations, which helps to significantly reduce construction expenditures.
  • Diversity of architectural forms of Thermasteel buildings is possible due to use of combination of metal structures and other modern construction materials.
  • Wide range of possible application of Thermasteel buildings.
  • All framework parts connections of buildings are secured with bolts of maximum operational compatibility, therefore, no reworking and welding of structures is required at the object.
  • Tight delivery dates. Effective planning of production, delivery and structures loading onto transportation vehicles helps reducing transportation costs.
    Delivery is conducted by means of own heavy-duty transport vehicles.
  • The building entire set is prepared at our plant using of modern technologies and quality control.
  • Quick and simple erection within shortest possible time.