Structural steel and welded I-beams

Steel structures made of welded I-beams are cost-effective in building construction. They are mainly used as frame members of steel structures, which are used as main frames of industrial, residential, civil and agricultural buildings.

Welded I-beams are widely used, while they can be manufactured with precise dimensions, even upon individual requirements in order to avoid unnecessary expending in form of waste material during the erection. Also, I-beam web has a thickness that allows punching or cutting according to requirements. In addition beams can be stiffened with plates that increase the resistibility.

Production method of welded I-beams and steel structures:

1.Sheet bar cutting;
2.Edge milling;
3.Beam assembling;
4.Girth seam welding on a portal beam welding machine;
5.Fixing the shrinkage distortion after girth seam welding;
6.Finishing and painting.
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Welded I-beams are used as structural members in complex structures, while it is difficult to choose a structural member of standard size without significant harm to quality of structure. Modern technologies of welded I-beam production allow increasing of beam thickness, where it is subjected to highest loads. This production technology significantly reduces metal consumption and leads to cost effectiveness of the whole structure. This is the reason why structures, built up of welded I-beams have the lowest price on the market.